Go Cops! 2: The reanimation is a GUI-based game simulating the daily routine of a police office.

Downloading and installing

You can download Go Cops! 2: The Reanimation by clicking on this link.
Installing the game is very simple. Extract it in a folder and execute gocops.exe. There will show up a progress bar which installs the game.
Make sure you are connected to the internet during the install.
During the install there show up a dialog which asks to download and install some campaigns. You can choose to not install them but you cannot play as long as you do not install any campaign.

Main Screen

After Go Cops! is installed or updated the main screen comes up. The main screen consists of 3 buttons: New game, Open Manager and Open Saved game.
With New game you can start a new game. Choose a campaign-file in the drop-down list and click play.
Watch Out! It might be that the play-button does not come active. Check the Playable-property in the table below. If it says no you cannot play this campaign because you need extra extensions.

With the Open Saved Game button you can go on with a previous saved filed.
With the Open Manager button you can go to the Manager. You can read more about this further in this walkthrough.


The whole game is based on extensions which you can download inside the game. There are 2 kinds of extensions: shops and actions.
Shops are extensions where you upgrade something inside the current game. For example you can buy a course vision which gives you more money when doing a penalty Patrol.
Actions are extensions where your cops are doing something in a home or on the streets. For example in the Penalty Patrol extension your cops are patrolling in the city to give fines to the people violating the law.