Here are the rules if you want to submit your campaigns or extensions. Please follow them


Your file may not be compiled. This means that the users must be able to see what's happening on their computers.

Remote files

You may not use remote-files other than images. If you do use a non-image remote-file, the extension will be rejected. Also the images must be stored on another server. This website cannot be used as storage engine for images. A good example to upload these images is


The name of your file may be everything since this renamed when uploading. Although everything is accepted, the file-extension isn't. This has to be .au3 or .gce for extensions and .gcc for campaigns. These file-extensions are being controlled when uploading.

Malicious Code

No malicious code allowed. This is the reason why the open-source rule exists. All files with any kind of malicious code will be rejected and the user loses his account.


All files will be checked on these rules. Normally a file is added to the system within 7 days. If your file is rejected from the system you get a message from the moderator who rejected the extension.
Campaigns are also checked but are directly available for installation after upload. When violation of these rules occurs the file will be deleted.

I hope you respect these rules.